General information

Callsigns: T30L (DXCC: Western Kiribati, IOTA: OC-017), 6.Sep.2019-15.Sep.2019
C21W (DXCC: Nauru, IOTA: OC-031), 16.Sep.2019-25.Sep.2019

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News and status

August 1st - Initial news

Yuris/YL2GM, Kaspars/YL1ZF, Kristers/YL3JA and Jack/YL2KA plan to be on the air from Western Kiribati as T30L and from Nauru as C21W in September 2019.

Activity from Western Kiribati (T30L) is planned from September 6 to September 15, followed by Nauru (C21W) activation from September 16 to September 25.

Yuris has organized four successful DX-Peditions in the past years: EP2A, S21ZEE/S21ZED, 3C0L/3C1L, 3C3W/3C0W.

This Dx-Pedition is in memory of our friend Andy (K7GEX)

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