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The 2004 CQ World-Wide WPX CW Contest Expedition

   1-st place in the world
in Multi-Operator Two Transmitter class

Netherlands Antilles, Bonaire island

(South America, IOTA: SA-006, WAZ zone: 09)

23.May.2004 - 05.Jun.2004

Latvian version of PJ4U page (latviski)

Contest results and comments
Photos with comments

Team of 5 Latvian radio amateurs (YL3GE (K7GEX)/ Herberts, YL2KL/ Girts, YL2GM/ Juris, YL2GQT/ Andris, YL2VW/ Agris) were on the Bonaire island (Netherlands Antilles) and took part in the CQ WW WPX CW 2004 contest using call PJ4U .
With 4709 QSOs and 17 502 264 confirmed points we took 1st place in the world in Multi-Two category.

Before and after the contest we were active on the bands using PJ4/.... calls.
PJ4/YL2GM (Juris) made some QSO's using RTTY.

Noah's (K2NG) QTH was used for this operation.

Equipment used:




3 notebooks with Writelog

 4 of us arrived to Bonaire (route Riga-Amsterdam-Curacao-Bonaire) on May 23, 2004. Herberts, YL3GE (K7GEX) was on the island one day before.
First QSO' s were made on the same evening of May 23.

During our operation periodically we experienced very strong (S 7-9 on S-meter) noise on all bands coming from our main direction (North). Possibly the source was local high voltage power line.

QRT date was June 5, 2004.

QSL manager for call PJ4U is YL2KL.
For QSO's with PJ4/YL2KL, PJ4/YL2GM, PJ4/YL2GQT, PJ4/YL2VW, PJ4/K7GEX QSL cards should be sent via home calls.

Girts Budis,
P.O.Box 19,
Ainazi LV-4035
Juris Petersons,
Pedeles 8,
Valka LV-4701
Andris Blums,
P.O.Box 168,
Jelgava LV-3001
P.O.Box 105,
Rezekne LV-4601
Herbert Anderson,
20148, 6TH Ave NE,
Seattle, WA 98155

Here are our contest expedition photos with some comments.
This is short story about the CQ WW WPX 2004 CW and results.
And this is the story and pictures by DF7ZS / PJ4P, who used the very same QTH in CQ WW WPX SSB 2004 contest.


YL2VW, Agris
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