CQ WW WPX CW 2004 contest

PJ4U contest results and comments

1-st place in the world
in Multi-Operator Two Transmitter category

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Expedition's photos with comments (English, Latvian)

Claimed score 18 324 208
Confirmed score 17 502 264
(Published in CQ Magazine, March 2005)

Claimed score statistics:

Band, m QSO count Points Multipliers
160 0 0 0
80 5 25 5
40 886 5235 291
20 1978 5886 479
15 1681 4973 311
10 159 449 20
TOTAL 4709 16568 1106


Equipment used:



QSO rate

Rate graph

Our comments

Many thanks to all of you who made QSO's with PJ4U.

All of the contest time except first 6 hours we experienced strong noise coming from North direction ranging from 5 to 9 on S meter. Noise level was different depending on band and time. There were short periods of time when noise disappeared (shortly after the rain). All our attempts to avoid the noise, including use of noise blanker (ANC-4) and spraying water on nearest 6 kV power line pole (advice of QTH's owner), did not give any result. Sometimes it was possible to reduce affect of this noise by turning antenna to East or West, but there were moments when it didn't help much. We often turned our antennas not to the best path direction but to the direction where noise was with lowest level (mostly East).
We must say sorry to all of you who were not able to make QSO's with us or spent much time to make QSO. We are sure this noise affected our result pretty much.
80 m band were unusable most of the time due to noise mentioned  before. We had no antenna for 160 m, but seems that it wouldn't be very useful because of the same noise.

Revised: 28.Feb.2005