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DX-pedition diary #1 - Preparations

At the end of 2016 I received question from previous DXpedition EP2A members - what are the plans for next more

General information

Yuris/YL2GM and team plan to be on the air from Bangladesh using 2 different callsigns between March 15-27, 2017.

The core of the team will be the same as last year's EP2A.

QTH will be in Kuakata (map).

One callsign will be used in the first half of our DX pedition time, the other - in the second half. This is caused by the specifics of the regulations in Bangladesh, and not because we want more duplicated QSOs in the log.

Please do not attempt to make QSOs with both of these callsigns on the same bands and modes. Please treat both callsigns as one, thus giving other fellow HAMs better chance to make their QSO with us, potentially All Time New One (ATNO). For example, if you have worked call 1 on 20m SSB, then later do not call call 2 on 20m SSB as this would be duplicated QSO.

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Hams with Hearts

In cooperation with humanitarian fund Hams with Hearts

We will support pupils of Kuakata with teaching aids and first need aids.
We invite HAMs around the world to support this activity by donating until March 10, 2017.

Donation to Kuakata pupils:

Funds raised so far: 30 EUR

DX Trophy

DX trophy announced that they will include our DX-pedition for their organized 2017 DX trophy event. As the DX-pedition begins, they will publish various results with regular updates about our success.

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