YL HamFest, 2015


Edited: 14.Jul.2015

YL hamfest 2015 will be held from July 17 to July 19 near Dundaga town. All HAMs with families are invited.

Coordinates: 57.492686 N (Lat) 22.331815 E (Long), QTH loc KO17DL98TF

The map:


Participation fee - 10 EUR from HAM (accompanying persons don't have to pay).

Arrival starts Friday evening (July 17).

Official part starts on Saturday, July 18 around 11:00-12:00 local time. After that around 14:00 the trip is planned to the renovated 32m and 16m wide radio-telescopes in Irbene (approx 45 km from Dundaga). The bus with 33 seats will be available for those without cars or without ability to drive. Cost of this bus approx 4 EUR per person (depends on what bus service provider will charge).

There will be "fox-hunting" (ARDF) equipment demonstration.

Electronic Communication Office has promised to show their monitoring mini-bus with equipment.

Also "flee-market" will take place with opportunity to sell/buy some HAM radio related stuff.

Please bring your QSL card to stick to the wall.

Also floor will be open for those wishing to present/show/tell something to other HAMs.

Information about accomodation options for those who wants some extras: http://visit.dundaga.lv/accommodation/naktsmitnes

It would be nice if you could inform the organizers beforehad, if you are sure you will come.

See you there! 73!

Ervīns/YL2CQ (mobile LMT: +371 29489311, Mobile Bite: +371 22315260, )

How to get there

(turn places marked by crosses 1 and 2 on the map)

Public bus information from/to Riga, Talsi:

From Riga bus station to Dundaga, daily:

Departure: 15:30, Arrival in Dundagā 18:40, price – 5.90 Eur

Other options:
From Riga bus station to Talsi, daily
*Departs: 17:30, Arrives in Talsi 19:35, price 5,00 Eur, after 20 min the bus to Dundaga departs – 19:55, price 1,90 EUR, arrives in Dundagā – 20:40.

* From Riga to Talsi bus runs often, each 40 minutes or so. Precise schedule can be found here: http://www.1188.lv/satiksme/visi/saraksti?from=R%C4%ABgas+SAO&from-id=5495843&fc=1&to=Talsu+AO&to-id=5496202&tc=1

From Talsi to Dundaga:
09:20 (except Sundays and public holidays)

From Dundaga to Riga, daily:

* Departs: 06:45, Arrives to Riga bus stations: 10:00, price 5,90 Eur

* Departs: 13:10, Arrives to Riga bus station 16:10, price 6,40 Eur

From Dundaga to Talsi:
08:45, in Talsi 9.25 – next bus to Riga 10:25
10:40,  in Talsi 11.19 - next bus to Riga 11:28
13:10 – goes to Riga
15:20,  in Talsi  15:55 – next bus to Riga 16:25
17:15,  in Talsi  17:55 – next bus to Riga – 21:15

Talsi – Rīga - http://www.1188.lv/satiksme/visi/saraksti?from=Talsu+AO&from-id=5496202&fc=1&to=R%C4%ABgas+SAO&to-id=5495843&tc=1

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