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Data loaded: 2019-01-17 02:38 UTC
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Reverse Beacon Network spots with prefix YL (CW and DIGI modes):
(source: last 200 spots from Reverse Beacon Network) combined by 1 kHz frequency slots)

2019-01-16 2121zYL2AG3511.0 kHzCW
2019-01-16 2107zYL2PP3516.9 kHzCW
2019-01-16 1907zYL2VW3520.4 kHzCW
2019-01-16 1859zYL1ZF3526.3 kHzCW
2019-01-16 1851zYL1ZF3529.9 kHzCW
2019-01-16 1851zYL3FW3534.2 kHzCW
2019-01-16 1850zYL1ZF3527.5 kHzCW
2019-01-16 1850zYL1ZF3529.9 kHzCW
2019-01-16 1847zYL1ZF3527.5 kHzCW

DX cluster spots (any mode) with prefix YL in last 24 hours:
(source: DX Summit)

2019-01-17 0018zYL2GB3796 kHzSpotter: K1FE
2019-01-16 2251zYL2CZ1840 kHztnx QSOSpotter: R2ARZ
2019-01-16 2210zYL2GB3796 kHzcq dxSpotter: UT9EU-@
2019-01-16 2124zYL2GB3796 kHzCQ with UT0LQSpotter: JA8DNV
2019-01-16 2124zYL2GB3796 kHzcq.dxSpotter: UT0LQ
2019-01-16 2124zYL2GB3796 kHzcq DXSpotter: YU1ZZ
2019-01-16 1503zYL2KF7074 kHzFT-8Spotter: SV3IEG-@
2019-01-16 1441zYL2AG10110 kHzSpotter: MM0GPZ
2019-01-16 1440zYL2BJ14260.7 kHzSpotter: WY6K
2019-01-16 1437zYL2BJ14260.7 kHz58 indianaSpotter: N9ITB
2019-01-16 1404zYL2BJ142607 kHzSpotter: KE1VT-@
2019-01-16 0810zYL2HD7110 kHz73!QSL!PSE eQSL&LoTW!HNY!2019!Spotter: UT3UIY
2019-01-16 0752zYL2BJ14257 kHz73 Vilnis tnx qsoSpotter: MW0YVK-@
2019-01-16 0739zYL2BJ14257 kHzCQ CQ CQSpotter: UA9OME-@