EE8A CQ WW WPX CW 2007 story


In the morning on May 21st we have loaded all HAMRADIO stuff into the car and left Riga to take part in CQ WW WPX CW Contest 2007. In this year from Canary islands. Team members from Latvia: YL2KL (Girt), YL3DW (Oleg), YL2GQT (Andris), YL2PP (Tom).

In our luggage there are the complete set of STEPPIR antenna, HF PA - ACOM2000, the transceiver-ICOM 775 DSP and the big suitcase with different wires, connection boxes and with any other necessary fine things. 

We drive by car to Berlin, and further the plane will deliver us to Las Palmas. By the evening we already were near Poland - German border. We fill in gasoline so that it would be enough to get to the airport and back to Poland. We pass about 50 km and then decide to spend the night in hotel Atrium. 

In the morning we are in a car again. After the bridge in Frankfurt we enter Germany. On border a small 20 minute delay and we go further.

We have arrived to airport Shonefeld. Flight to Nurnberg, then to Las Palmas (other plane). 

On Tuesday, May 22 at 16.00 (local time) we were at airport Gran Canaria.

We wait about two hours for our friend Edu (EA8AUW), he thought, that we arrive next day. It happens ... 

At last we arrived at EA8URL. The building of club is in the city approximately 350 meters above the level of ocean, next to it is school and school stadium. Territory is small.

on a roof 2el.7 MHz beam, under it A3S, Inv-V 3,5 MHz, on separate masts 5band 2el.QUAD and 21/28 MHz 2el. QUAD, below 3el.beam 40M fixed to Europe. On a nearby roof GP 3,5-28MHz (with coils).

On a morning of May 23 we start to unpack our luggage. We install Icom-775 (Girts TRX). Me and Andris are engaged with antennas. It turns out that 3el.40M beam directed to the Europe does not work as it should. We increase length of each element, we check connection of a cable. We take down from the roof A3S (it was with defect), so it would not disturb normal work of 2el 40M rotary beam.

At the same time Girt and Oleg connect computers, PA and transceivers. Unexpected problem with ACOM pops up. Oleg tries to repair it, but unsuccessfully yet.

In second half of day me and Andris decide to take a walk to the city and go down to the ocean. But while walking we understand, that we are tired and way back is up the hill, so we take a picture of ocean from a distance with city in foreground and turn back.

Boy's from EA8 have brought PA TL-922. One place is almost ready.

We work on air with call EG8CID. This is a week of activity of radio fans of Canary islands " Canary Islands Day ". Before the beginning of contest we will make about 1000 QSOs, checking propagation and performance of the equipment, antennas on all ranges.

Next day in a courtyard we assemble STEPPIR antenna. We connect a control panel and get new unexpected problems - strange noise in an active element. When we have cautiously removed a synthetic pipe, we see that the moving inner metal tape has defect. All remainder of day was spent on repair. (luckily  Oleg has taken with him other previously used tape which was in better shape). Till 7 PM the antenna aerial was re-assembled and ready for installation on a mast. 
Weather worsens, wind becomes stronger.  Nevertheless we decide to install the antenna. At 8 PM the antenna stands in its place and is directed to USA.

At leisure we continue to work as EG8CID.

Sun shines in a morning. Oleg again tries to recover ACOM, but unfortunately he is not successful.

Boy's from EA8 bring one more TL-922 for multiplier place. Me and Andris while working on a roof with antennas, noticed that in 500m from us below there is a park. There was a free time, and we decide to walk around and make some pictures.

Then again - check of the equipment and antennas and work on the air as EG8CID.

Two hours before the contest beginning Paco, Pedro and other our friends have arrived and have arranged a barbecue and so on...

Certainly hot meat was very useful and we have left the rest on "then". MANY THANKS AMIGOS!

Contest has begun.

The first Girt and Oleg starts. I go to sleep. Since morning we are tired. At 6 AM first morning we have 650 QSOs. ZF1A has almost the same. But it is not known, what the numbering scheme by bands they use.

Mainly we work on 14 MHz, we take multipliers on 21. Around 10.00 AM the first QSO on 28 MHz - RG9A. At 15.10 GMT the RUN place passes on 21 MHz,  multipliers we collect on 28 and 14 MHz.

At 17.30 we give CQ on 28 MHz and get QSO rate 3-4 QSO per minute, but in 30 minutes rate falls down, again we pass on 21 MHz.

Meet a lot of familiar CALLs: UU7J gives number 1017, we answer with 1059,
DJ5MW 1211 - - 1397 
UA9CLB 1246 - - 1410 
NE4AA 1357 - - 1430 
C4W 1685 - - 1547.

Boy's from P40L actively work, but it is impossible to understand from serials received their current score.. Very loudly on 28 MHz passes IU9S. 
By the end of the first contest day we have 2250 QSOs. At night on 80m many QSOs comes very hardly, especially new multipliers. Strong noise from lightning discharges.
At 12.00 GMT we have 3100 QSOs. Actively we work further, monitor propagation, search for multipliers.

Competition has ended. 

Edu invites us in hamradio cafe-room, which is on the 1st floor of club. There we discuss results and note this event with a glass of wine. The rest is visible on a photos. 

Many thanks to seigneur Pablo from small small restaurant near to ours QTH for tasty breakfasts and dinners and fine wine presented to us in a day of departure.
We will remember warm reception in Las Palmas for long time.
Good luck and meet you in other contests de = EE8A team = 

(by YL2PP) 

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