Support Ukraine

Donation activity has ended (April 24,2022)

Thank you everyone who participated!

Message of gratitude to supporters from Igor/UY5AQ

Activity description (March 15, 2022)

I am Yuris/YL2GM - founder of Latvian Radiosport Federation (LRSF) and organizer of several DX-peditions, essential part of them with participation of our fellow radio amateurs from Ukraine as the team members.

You can find the links to our DX-peditions above - may be you have worked them.
You will find our team members from Ukraine in the Team section.

LRSF supported Ukraine during these tough times and invited radio amateurs around the world to join this support by donating.

All funds were transferred to Igor/UY5AQ and used to purchase medical and food supplies for people of Ukraine struggling to survive in Kyiv.

You can see photos showing how these donations were used here.


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