DXpedition diary #4 - Hams with open hearts

S21ZED/S21ZEE team participated in INDEXA`s organized humanitarian aid program "Hams With Hearts"

On our website we invited radio amateurs to support this project and in total we raised 390 € (412 USD) for this event. Most generous supporter was INDEXA with 300 USD.

With the help of local Ham`s - Syed S21ED and Anup S21TV we bought exercise books, writing-materials and sports equipment for pupils in Kuakata and Dhaka.

During the lunch time March 18 we visited local school and gave presents to children and school. In this school there are 5 classes with 200 pupils. Children and teachers where very happy and thankful. Later that evening teachers came to our hotel and invited us for a cup of tea as a sign of gratitude.

Thanks to everyone who supported this project and helped to make happy more than 250 little hearts and 3 schools in Bangladesh.

Supporters 5$+: S21 team, NX7TT, KC5WXA, N3AE, IK2WSO, DK8AX, UR4IOR, K5HK, K7CS, OK6DJ, K6MI, INDEXA

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