YL - Activity

Data loaded: 2022-08-17 03:38 UTC
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Reverse Beacon Network spots with prefix YL (CW and DIGI modes):
(source: last 200 spots from Reverse Beacon Network) combined by 1 kHz frequency slots)

No reverse beacon spots

DX cluster spots (any mode) with prefix YL in last 24 hours:
(source: DX Summit)

2022-08-16 1917zYL2CI21074 kHzSpotter: LU1EEP
2022-08-16 1845zYL3JI21222 kHzUSBSpotter: EA8DIG
2022-08-16 0824zYL3BF14222 kHzTnx for qso **73/88 Elsie**Spotter: ON3EI
2022-08-16 0504zYL2SM14018.5 kHz599+20dbSpotter: W7XE
2022-08-16 0452zYL2BJ14027.7 kHzCQSpotter: YL2SM-@