YL100 - award rules

Five different callsigns with YL100 prefix will be activated from November 1st, 2018 00:00 GMT to November 18th, 2018 23:59 GMT: YL100K, YL100L, YL100R, YL100V and YL100Z.

Bands and modes
Activity can take place on any band and mode - HF or VHF (160m to 9cm). Modes counted for awards and leaderboards are SSB/CW/DIGI.

Each QSO with YL100 callsign on 160m-9cm bands will give one point per band/mode slot (no VHF repeater QSOs counted). Repeated QSOs on the same band/mode slot with the same YL100 callsign give 0 points.
For example working YL100Z on 160, 40 and 20 meters in CW and SSB will give you the total of 6 points.
Leaderboards feature will be provided to track your standing and have more fun.


Applying for the awards
You can search the log, track your award progress, apply for the award online and download it in PDF format on "Your award progress" page free of charge.

SWLs can apply for the awards using email .

To request high-quality electronic copy of your award in high-resolution JPG format for quality printing, please send email request to . This is also free of charge, but not automated.

If you wish to receive printed award on high quality paper, you can request it using email address . The cost is 1 EUR per printed copy. Shipping cost is 4 EUR.

Medals will be given to Top 3 scorers in each continent in Mixed mode. Entrants from Latvia will have separate competition.

Award preview
Third-Class award Second-Class award First-Class award