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In cooperation with humanitarian fund Hams with Hearts



Like during our earlier DX-pedition to Bangladesh we supported local pupils in Annobon with first need aids in amount of 385 EUR. The remaining part of received donations (350 USD and 145 EUR) will be kept in special account and donated in similar way during the next DX pedition.

Funds raised: 350 $ + 530 EUR.
Thank you for all donation to Hams with Hearts program.
Supporters 5$+: W3TO, LA8CJ, W6DEI, KA1R, W5QM, DF6NW, M.H.Shannon, DK2LO, LA9OI, W1TSP, N2OO, W1TC, AB3CV, I3FGX, RK4FF, UA3EDQ, G3TQZ, NI0G, DL9NEI, WX2S, W1GNR, W2LO, N7NR, N2RJ, W8RHM, K8GG, 3C0L/3C1L team, INDEXA.

Initially we did not plan this activity as team has only 2 members, but as we have no electricity during day time and there is more spare time than expected, we managed to organise this mission.

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