DXpedition diary #4 - Hams with open hearts

During the lunch time March 18 we visited local school and gave presents to children and school with exercise books, writing-materials and sports equipment. In this school there are 5 classes with 200 pupils. Children and teachers where very happy and thankful. Later that evening teachers came to our hotel and invited us for a cup of tea as a sign of gratitude.

All this was possible because of charity program "Hams with open hearts", which was initiated by INDEXA Humanitarian Aid Project

As of March 19 we have raised 354 EUR and I want to thank everybody who has helped. We used about half of the funds during this visit and we plan to make another visit to schools in Dhaka on our way home.

If you wish to support this charity you can donate until March 25.

Donation to Dhaka pupils:

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