Friday, April 15, 2016

Expedition arrives in Tehran international airport at 01:25 local time. We are being warmly welcomed by local radio amateur friends and expedition members EP3MIR and EP2LMA. After couple of hours dealing with custom formalities we are ready to travel to Gilan province - our destination. All team together except UX0LL who unfortunately had to stay home because of family reasons.

At noon after 420km trip from Tehran we arrive at our expedition home. After settling down and conducting a quick survey of surroundings we start to set up our 1st Spiderbeam antenna in the yard. Larry (YL3CW) works on station and establishes first QSO at 15:09. Me (YL2GM) and Jack (YL2KA) in 2 hours set up next antenna 4SQ on 10Mc. Second station is set up with TS-590s and Dima (UT7UJ) starts to operate.

First antenna installation



We start to work on next antenna for low bands, but our plans are being interfered with neighbour, who with the help of axe starts to take down our 4SQ on 10Mc. Local amateurs start to negotiate and with the arrival of dark and the help of local police the problem is solved - spirits are lightly damaged, but antenna is saved.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Second Spiderbeam and 4SQ on 7Mc is completed by noon, when other neighbour arrives with complaints about electricity usage. After presenting papers and a friendly chat the problem is solved. Rest of the day goes for setting up GP 160/80m.

160m and 80m band vertical antenna

40m band 4-square antenna

Spiderbeams and shack

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Setting up antennas is complete. Computers are connected through Wi-Fi, however the connection breaks down frequently and that requires restart. To solve this problem we are installing wires.

Yesterday we turned on 80m, but the noise level is so high (59+10db) that it's practically impossible to hear something. Same is for 160m. Receiving antennas don't help. We are still working on this matter, but no promises at the moment.

Noise level on 80m band

In the evening we got visited by local radio amateur club EP2C and they made us very delicious dinner. Thank you guys!

Meeting with local radio amateurs

So far we have made around 11k qso`s.

Every day after 15:00 local time we will listen for West coast W6, W7.

Some more pictures from CRA visit below.

Discussion with CRA representatives

YL2GM with CRA representative

73, YL2GM

Part 2

Monday, April 18, 2016

EP2A DX-pedition is in the spotlight and gets a lot of attention. Today we had guests and visitors from local authorities and Electronic Communication Inspection from Tehran. We demonstrate and tell about communications, equipment, antennas and HAM radio.

EP3MIR demonstrates communication to our guests

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

This morning we established connection and made first QSO on 80m.
In the evening we did the same on 160m.
Results - 590 QSOs on 160m and 500 on 80m.
Total expedition QSOs at this moment 25 000.

Weather is sunny and the forecast for next days will stay the same with average day temperature of +30C.

Every day after 15:00 local time we will listen for West coast W6,W7.

EP2LMA operates with JA

YL3CW - our CQ machine

Our chef EP3MIR


Unexpected guest

Moving cables in antenna field

73, YL2GM

Part 3

Friday, April 22, 2016

Yesterday was the hottest day so far with temperature +36 C. Thankfully we didn't have to work outside in the field with antennas. Indoors we couldn't switch on air conditioning because electricity is needed for working stations, but it's fine when you find some shade inside. Today temperature dropped to +22C and we were blessed with some rain.

We got visited by the local radio amateurs and were treated with national sweats. Also we made photo-shoot with the sent in flags from our supporters.

From today we will be 6 operators left on 3 workstations and after tomorrow when Alex UT7UV flies home we will only be 5 operators. DX-pedition leaders with the most QSOs made are our most experienced operator Larry YL3CW and youngest Dima UT7UJ.

4SQ on 40m and 30m with the relay switch unit from RA6LBS are perfect combination. 160/80m transmitting antenna is also RA6LBS design. Both Spiderbeams are in the yard next to the house and we could not set them further from each other because of the space issues, this causes some minor interference between each other but other than that its good. Sadly with not enough space we weren't able to set HI-Z RX antenna and the beverage is only 60m long which is not very effective.







EP2A enjoying Iranian tea


Steet view


I want to thank everyone for submitted e-mails, unfortunately I can't reply to everyone and check the log for errors. We will do that after expedition.

Part 4

Monday, April 25, 2016

Tonight is the last night of the DX-pedition. We plan to work on 160 and 80m during the night and on Tuesday morning we will listen for the West Coast RTTY on 14Mc. On the air we will be until 10:00 GMT, April 26th. After that we will take down antennas, pack equipment and go to Tehran airport to fly home.

At this moment we have made 62k QSOs.

I thank everybody for the activity during this DX-pedition. I want to give special thanks to radio amateurs from Latvia who followed us this whole time. We made contacts with 88 stations from YL which is one of the highest activity from our small home country Latvia amongst all DX-peditions so far.

Congratulations to UY7QN (Dmitry's UT7UJ father) who made 20 band slots with EP2A

Part 5 - The last part

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It's Tuesday morning April 26th, the last QSO was made at 09:45 and it's time to start packing gear and antennas. Planned time to leave for Tehran (14:00) comes in a blink of an eye and by that time we just accomplish to take down and pack antennas. The rest of the gear and bags we finish packing only at 18:00, no time for rest and we leave right away.

Yard with sun shed where we rest

Protection against moving cables in the antenna field - snakes

It's 420km drive ahead to the airport and in some places the road is traffic heavy, so it's a bit nervous because we still have to deal with the customs in airport. However, everything goes smooth and we manage to save up some time. EP2LMA has planned farewell dinner and asks what we would like - fast food or traditional Iran kitchen. The answer is unequivocal and we head for a traditional food restaurant. Sumptuous served table and sincere people wait as there.

EP2A Ceremonial dinner

US7UX speech

We arrive at the airport 3 hours before the departure and the customs formalities are completed without delays. We say goodbye to our friends and head for the plane - first stop Kiev, Ukraine. There we have one hour to board next plane to Riga, Latvia. Not much time to buy presents for wives. :(

Iranian rose

In Riga airport we are welcomed by our friends and family. The excitement of reunion and talks make us forget to take homecoming pictures at airport. Expedition is complete, we are exhausted. However, the satisfaction for accomplishments is good. During expedition we made new friends not just in Iran, but all around the world. With this expedition we set new and friendly bounds between our countries and people.



EP2A (from left Oleg US7UX, Dmitry UT7UJ, Alex UT7UV, Yuris YL2GM, Valery YL3CW, Mohammad EP3MIR, Jack YL2KA and Mohammad EP2LMA)

EP2A flag with signatures

I want to thank:

73, Yuris /YL2GM/


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