The team

YL2GM (Yuris Petersons) - Team leader
Born: 29.11.1953
Licensed since 1973
Interests: contesting, traveling
Modes: SSB, CW, RTTY
Also: YL7A, RG6G, 4J0Q, H20A, C53M, C53GM, PJ4U, 9Y4W, 4K3AC, D4C, D44TYL, OH0BP, /ZA, /IS0, /TK, /SV5

YL3CW (Valery Sintsov)
Born: 08.08.1952
Licensed since 1967
Interests: fishing, Dx-ing
Modes: CW, SSB
Also: YL6Z, C53CW, EK2RR, YA0RR

YL2KA („Jack” Shahov)
Born: 17.03.1957
Licensed since 1973
Interests: photo, vaping
Modes: CW, SSB, RTTY
Also: YL0A, H20A, IG9A

UT7UJ (Dmitry S. Davidenko)
Date of birth: 06 Feb 1973
Licensed since: 1987
Modes: CW, RTTY
Interests: Contest, DX
Also: UW3U, M/UT7UJ (from G6PZ), KL7/UT7UJ (from KL7KY)

US7UX (Oleg A. Evtushenko)

Date of birth: 19.08.1963
Licensed since: 2009 - us7ux 1975-1980 - uk5ubf
Modes: CW, SSB
Interests: contesting (UX4U, EN4U), DX-peditions, traveling
Also: T31X, 5W0OX, ZK3X, TX3T, TX5A, TX7M, XX9R, D4D

UT7UV (Sasha Ananyev)

Date of birth: 18 July 1971
Licensed since: 1985
Modes: SSB, DIGI
Interests: fishing

EP3MIR (Mohammad Mobini)

Date of Birth : June 12 1960
Perfession: Mechanics, Electronics, Computers
Interest : DXing, Electronics, Computers, Micro controllers
Modes : SSB - PSK31

EP2LMA (Mohammad Azimi)

Date of birth: Nov 18 1979
Profession: ITC/Telecom
Interests: DXing - Contesting - Traveling
Modes: SSB - CW

Supporters staying home

K7GEX (Herbert Anderson) - Team supporter
Also: YL3GE, PJ4/K7GEX

YL2VW (Agris) - web-master
(rather web-amateur)

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