DXpedition diary #2 - Visit to Kiev

Hello dear radio amateurs and S21 DXpedition followers!

Last Saturday (February 25), early in the morning I flew to Kiev to meet with Ukrainian team members. Visit started with team meeting and lunch in restaurant.

After that we visited Ukrainian radio amateur HQ premises UR4UWA. HQ was developed by local radio amateur initiative and private funding. Club director is Sasha UT7UV and clubs most generous supporter is Alex UT4UGT. Total club premises are 260 m2 and that includes radio station, QSL bureau, workshop, conference room and classroom for training and practice.

In conference room we had meeting with local hams, where I had the opportunity to speak and tell about our previous DXpedition EP2A and our next project S21. After my presentation, RigExpert founder Serge UX1UA, gave me their newest antenna analyzer "AA-55 ZOOM" as a gift and support to our DXpeditions. Overall, it was nice atmosphere and meeting with people who are interested in amateur radio and who devote a lot of energy and resources to their hobby.

After the meeting we drove to UT7UV/UT7UJ super-station, located 40km away from Kiev. I won't get much into the detail about his station and antennas, it's better you see all details yourselves on his QRZ page and how much energy and work he has devoted to this.

On Sunday I met with Igor UY5AQ. We first met in Mount Athos last summer (2016). He has a very interesting personality and besides amateur radio he also revives and republishes very unique historical books (http://www.adef.com.ua/ru/).

My trip concluded by visiting Oleg US7UX and seeing his contest positions with two antenna towers, two IC-7700 and two OM-3500 outside the city near a beautiful lake.

In addition to this trip I managed to do some planned logistics and brought two baggage's with antennas intended for S21. However, it needs to be mentioned, that DXpedition is facing some new challenges with baggage limitations. In flight from Kiev to Dhaka, Turkish Airlines permit only 20kg baggage per person and for every additional kg the cost is 21$. I turned to Turkish Airlines affiliate in Riga with baggage sponsorship request for DXpedition but without any success, because the flight is from Kiev and not Riga, and after looking for affiliate in Ukraine, it turned out that there is none. So I had to make a decision to limit team's personal baggage to minimum.

Later that evening I returned to Riga, from where the preparations for project "Bangladesh-2017" continue. We have some complications with our initially announced callsigns, however, I hope to solve this matter within next week.

73, Yuris /YL2GM/

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