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Please do not call S21ZEE, if you already have S21ZED on this band and mode. Please treat both our callsigns as one, thus giving other fellow HAMs better chance to make their QSO with us, potentially All Time New One (ATNO). For example, if you have worked S21ZED on 20m SSB, then later do not call S21ZEE on 20m SSB as this would be dupe.

If you work us but do not find yourself in the log after fresh Clublog upload, try to work us again. If you do not succeed until the end of DX-pedition, send your busted QSO requests to QSL manager. Requests will be processed after the end of the DX-pedition.
If you are not sure about the QSO, wait for the next Clublog upload and check if you are in the log before calling us again on the same band and mode.

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