YL100 - special amateur radio callsign prefix to celebrate Latvia's 100th birthday

On 18 November 2018 Latvia will celebrate its centenary.
Radio amateurs in Latvia from November 1st to 18th, 2018 will activate special callsigns with prefix YL100 to commemorate this event.
Please join us in celebrating the 100th birthday of our country by calling our special event stations on different amateur radio bands and modes.
Special award for working YL100 stations on different bands and modes will be issued.

5 different callsigns will be used with YL100 prefix - one from each of 4 Latvia's historical regions and one from the capital city - Riga.
These callsigns will be operated by multiple radio amateurs from the related regions.

YL100K - Kurzeme
YL100L - Latgale
YL100R - Riga
YL100V - Vidzeme
YL100Z - Zemgale

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