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Update - January 2, 2017

Full LoTW upload was done December 24, 2017. Corrected busted call QSOs done afterwards will be uploaded separately.

If you have problem with LoTW confirmation read this before contacting us

We received several emails that some QSOs which are OK in Clublog are not confirmed in LoTW. So far in all the investigated cases the reason was that QSO data was not correctly uploaded to LoTW by the other side (by you or your logging program). Either QSO was missing at all in LoTW, or callsign was misspelled, or time was wrong (LoTW allows max 30 minute time difference).

For this reason, if you find that some QSO confirmation is missing in LoTW, while Clublog shows that QSO is fine, before asking us to check what's wrong, please check on your side, if you see the missing QSO in your LoTW account.

To do this, login to LoTW website. Click "Your QSOs". Enter 3C0L or 3C1L in "Call sign worked" field, click "Submit" button (not "Most recent QSLs" button), and check if you see the missing QSO with correct band, mode, date and time. It should be visible there even if we wouldn't upload anything at all to LoTW from our side. If you don't see the QSO on your side, or band/mode/date/time is wrong, resubmit the missing QSO with correct data to LoTW.

Only after you see that QSO data is correct in LoTW on your side, but confirmation is still missing, do not hesitate to contact QSL manager YL2GN:

We uploaded to LoTW all QSOs at once the same as you see them in Clublog, so it is unlikely that specific QSO data is not uploaded from our side.

QSL information

All individual supporters 20$+ will receive direct QSL.

Please do not send your QSL to us via buro - they are not required.

For paper QSLs please choose ONE of the following alternatives listed below:

Ziedonis Knope
P.O.Box 55
Balvi, LV-4501

Please choose and use just one method to request your paper QSL.

Printing of 5000 + 5000 QSL cards sponsored by LZ1JZ QSL Print

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