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Thank you for all donation to Hams with Hearts program.
Supporters 5$+: W3TO, LA8CJ, W6DEI, KA1R, W5QM, DF6NW, M.H.Shannon, DK2LO, LA9OI, W1TSP, N2OO, W1TC, AB3CV, I3FGX, RK4FF, UA3EDQ, G3TQZ, NI0G, DL9NEI, WX2S, W1GNR, W2LO, N7NR, N2RJ, W8RHM, K8GG, 3C0L/3C1L team, INDEXA.

During 3C0L/3C1L expedition for "Hams with hearts" program we raised 817 € in total and spent 309 €. Left over 508 € will be used for "Hams with hearts" program in our next expedition.

Watch in our DX-pedition video (starting from 14:46) how the donated money was spent:

On Annobon we managed to visit school only on 25th of October, which was one of the last days on the island and this visit had to be accepted by the school principal.

Because of irregular flights to mainland, it was not possible to buy all the things we intended, so this time we had to go only with some basic exercise books, pens, pencils and some sweets, all that was available in the local shops on the island. We visited the very little ones, 5-6 year old pupils, who had just started their school journey and were in the first class.

Overall, we did not manage to make that much impact if we compare what we did in Bangladeshand it's mainly because of limited resources on the island and irregular flights (none) to the mainland.

As one lesson learned, next time we will try to bring some first aid needs with us if possible.

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