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Callsigns: 3C3W (DXCC: Equatorial Guinea, IOTA: AF-010), 28.Feb-09.Mar.2018
3C0W (DXCC: Annobon, IOTA: AF-039), March 10-24, 2018

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News and status

August 10 - Information regarding direct QSL and LoTW

A lot of direct QSL letters don't reach their destination and are returned to me with the reason "address is undeliverable" or get lost in the process. I send out all direct QSL cards once every month. If you have not received your direct QSL card, please write email to me and I will send again (). Please also check that your address is correct in and

LoTW will be uploaded not later than 1st of September.

June 17 - 3C0L/3C1L DX-pedition receives awards

Our previous DX-pedition 3C0L/3C1L received 3 awards:

April 28 - QSL cards ready

QSL cards are printed and dispatch has started

March 28 - The team is back home

Today the team has safely reached home. 73!

March 24 - 3C0W is QRT

3C0W is QRT. The team has successfully reached Malabo. They will stay there until Tuesday evening, when flight home is scheduled. But no more activity on the bands is planned from 3C.

Over 54 267 QSOs in 3C0W log in 14 days of operation.
Full log is uploaded to Clublog (19:17 GMT).

Yesterday they spent less time on the air, because the visit to local school planned for the morning happened in the late afternoon. Also yesterday they dismantled 1st position. Today morning dismantled the 2nd position, packed and 11:00 AM were in Annobon airport.
Airport security did not allow to take on the flight generator. They left it to local friends on Annobon.

Take a look at Photos section where some photos from 3C0W are added. Here is one of them:

March 22 - Update

After yesterday's reminder to consider supporting pupils of Annobon extra 200 € were donated for this purpose in one day. Thank you! Please write your callsign when donating.

March 21 - Update

Seeing the real situation of local kids in Annobon the team decided to donate extra funds and extend time of fund-raising to support local pupils until Tuesday, March 27, 2018. Here you will find how to donate to this Hams With Hearts activity.

On Friday they are visiting local school and will forward school goods already bought for amount of 500 €. And additionally they will have time when back in Malabo to buy more school goods for pupils and will send it to Annobon. School goods are not cheap here.

3C0W log will be uploaded Saturday evening after the return to Malabo (3C).

March 20 - Update

Yesterday set new QSO record - 5 748 QSOs a day. Over 39 700 QSOs in the 3C0W log in total so far.
On Friday they will take down low band vertical, Spiderbeam and Folding antenna. Last night from Friday to Saturday they will be QRV on 40m and 30m bands.
On Saturday morning they will end the operation, pack the remaining gear and fly back to Malabo. Flight home is on Tuesday. No more 3C3W activity is planned during the days in between.

March 18 - Update

They made 230 QSOs on 30m band last night. In total about 30 000 QSOs in the log at the moment.
As planned they have built two arrays of 2 phased verticals for 30 and 40m bands. Beverage antenna gave good results to JA on 80m band.
They have got new SIM card for mobile internet, but it is not functioning yet. Otherwise everything is good.

March 15 - Update

Not much news from the team since the last update.
They are attempting to be ready for Asia on lower bands. Yesterday spent about an hour for Asia around JA sunrise time on 160m band. Today the same on 80m.
Below is short recording of huge European pile-up on 160m band just after the "JA hour" was over:
Be careful - might be loud audio :)

March 12 - Update

As planned low band vertical was set up today. They will be on low bands tonight.
Today they visited the governor of the island.
Don't be surprised if they time to time suddenly disappear. They have problems with electricity.

March 11 - Update

Today the team set up Spiderbeam. Also generator was started. They have problems with buying fuel on the island, have only 40 litres now.
Tomorrow will set up low band vertical with RA6LBS matching unit.
About 3800 QSOs are in the log. Still no internet.

March 10 - 3C0W is on the air

20:00 UTC
Mobile Internet fails to work. Thus 3C0W log uploads are unlikely until the DX-pedition is over.

18:28 UTC
3C0W is on the air. They successfully reached Annobon. Fuel is bought. Folding antenna and verticals for 40m and 30m are already up.

March 9 - 3C3W is QRT

As planned, 3C3W is now QRT and the team is getting ready for the flight to Annobon tomorrow. Whole log is uploaded to Clublog. 30 323 QSOs in the log in less than 10 days of operation.

March 8 - Update

Right now 16:20 UTC on 21029 kHz pirate is operating.
Yesterday had lot of adventures, but will write about it some time later.
Tickets are bought to Annobon for March 10, with return on March 24. So Friday morning will pack and in the afternoon go to Malabo to be ready for the flight to Annobon on Saturday.

March 7 - Update

Yesterday set up new vertical for 40m band above the salt-water. The result is good - around 1000 QSOs on 40m SSB. In total 23 137 QSOs in the log.

March 6 - Update

This morning made first QSOs on 40m SSB. Tomorrow will be also on 80m SSB. During the day will put up 2nd antenna for 40m band.
Yesterday found out that broken K3 surprisingly has started to work. So all equipment is functional again.
19 706 QSOs in the log. Please do not make dupe QSOs on the same band-mode slots.

Few more photos added to Photos section:

March 5 - Update

Flight to Annobon planned for tomorrow will not happen. The next possible date of flight to Annobon is Saturday, March 10. So, the team stays in Luba/Bioko island and continues to work as 3C3W at least until Friday.

March 4 - Update

One K3 transceiver broke down. Seems that the same fault as during the previous DX-pedition. Spare K3 is now put in operation and 2 stations are on the air.
If the flight to Annobon will be confirmed for Tuesday, then on Monday they will take down the antennas and pack to be ready to move to Annobon.
Fresh log upload done. 11 556 QSOs in the log.

March 3 - Update

14:00 UTC
One of the notebooks with logging software had one wrong CW macros and operator using it was time to time signing as 3C0W on 21029 kHz today and probably earlier tonight on 7019 kHz. Actually it was 3C3W. Sorry for the confusion. You will find the QSOs in 3C3W log. As planned the team is still in Luba (Bioko island) and operating as 3C3W.

09:00 UTC
Sunny and hot day again. Solving different local issues and making QSOs. Local generator went off around 5:40 AM local time. Yesterday had local delicacy for dinner - ribs with not much meat. New log uploaded - they have got mobile internet this time. Slow, but works so far for log upload at least once a day. 7259 QSOs in the log.

March 2 - Update

Another log upload done. Yesterday evening installed also low band vertical tuned with RA6LBS box and started to use 2nd station on RTTY. Local generator was switched off 6 AM local time. Started the day with swimming in the ocean and breakfast. Now 40m vertical needs to be built. It's going to be hot day, not a single cloud.

March 1 - Update

First 500 QSOs are uploaded to Clublog. They had thunderstorm during the night. Day is overcast and raining.
Spiderbeam and Folding antennas are up. Low band vertical - still to be build.
Plans for the near future are to be QRV as 3C3W until Monday March 5. Then will try to catch flight to Annobon on Tuesday - March 6 and continue as 3C0W from there.
Further plans are not clear yet.

February 28 - Hams with hearts

Like during our previous DX-peditions (S21 and 3C in 2017) in cooperation with INDEXA Hams with Hearts we are again inviting radio amateurs world wide to participate in charity activity aiming at supporting local pupils in Annobon with first need aids. Read more about how

February 28 - 3C3W is on the air

Licenses are obtained. Suitcase found. One of two generators is stuck in Riga airport.
They managed to reach QTH in Luba, erected one vertical antenna and are already making first QSOs on 30m band.

February 27 - Update

The team has successfully reached Malabo. However one suitcase and generator is missing. License has to be obtained from scratch. They hope to reach 3C3W QTH tomorrow.

February 26 - Initial news

In the morning of February 26 Yuris/YL2GM, Kaspars/YL1ZF and Girts/YL2KL departed from Riga airport. They are heading to Equatorial Guinea. They should be there already in the evening. As soon as they get the license, they plan to be on the air again from Bioko island, Equatorial Guinea (prefix 3C, Clublog's most wanted #57 as of February 2018, IOTA AF-010) and Annobon (prefix 3C0, most wanted #47, IOTA AF-039).

Their return flight home is scheduled end of March.

After successful recent "reconnaissance" DX-Pedition 3C0L/3C1L in October-November 2017 this time it was planned to go there with larger team. Unfortunately the usual team members from Ukraine were requested last minute to pass complicated additional formalities to obtain entrance VISA and thus could not join. As the result team is the same as last time plus Girts/YL2KL.

Yuris has organized three successful DX-Peditions in the past years: EP2A, S21ZEE/S21ZED, 3C0L/3C1L.

Video/photo report of the recent Yuris/YL2GM and Kaspars/YL1ZF DX-pedition to the same places (3C1L/3C0L):

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